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The reduced number of cartridges may also help free up floor space for other requirements. Pommier, Rex Re: IBM 3584 tape libra... Recent Threads Latest Replies archive expire dates nbritton2015 replied Sep 29, 2016 at 4:11 PM Audit Failed Rajatsm replied Sep 29, 2016 at 3:47 PM Primary Disk Storage Pools... Audit Failed Rajatsm replied Sep 29, 2016 at 3:47 PM Primary Disk Storage Pools...

You also gain flexibility of automated tape library management and unattended save/restore operations. This is designed to help allow slower hosts to stream the tape drive. Cartridges pre-scaled for 100 GB physical capacity are also available for order with the 3599 Models E11, E21, 011, and 021. The TS1120 Tape Drives and cartridges are supported in the TS3500 Tape Library Model L23 or D23 frames and in installed 3584 Tape Library Model L22 or D22 frames. http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=ssg1S1002310

3584 Tape Library Error Codes

One 2.0 meter LC-LC Fibre Channel drive-to-patch panel cable is included with each Fibre Mounting Kit (#1513 or #1514). This can be very beneficial in space savings and economy of data storage since it can help lower the cost of storage per megabyte. These advancements in performance, capacity, function, and footprint help reduce automation floor space requirements, enhance library management, and provide flexibility, growth, and a foundation for automation across an enterprise or business Each time the library door is closed, a bar code reader mounted on the autochanger is designed to scan the cartridge labels enabling a re-inventory of the cartridges in the library

In the event of a path or component failure, the failover mechanism is designed to automatically provide error recovery to retry the current operation using an alternate, preconfigured path without aborting Pommier, Rex Re: Linux on System z (IFL) and ... On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 11:29 AM, Pommier, Rex wrote: > Hi, > > We have an IBM 3584 library. Ibm Ts3500 Error Codes For capacity requirements less than 28.8 TB (compressed), a wide spectrum of tape libraries are available from the family of IBM System Storage Ultrium Tape products, depending on your storage usage

The TS3500 Tape Library supports the IBM System Storage TS1030 LTO Ultrium Tape Drive and IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape Drive. Ibm 3584 Library devi prasad replied Nov 13, 2009 There might be some problem with the firmware Top White Papers and Webcasts Popular ERP: The Layman's Guide Related Reducing the Complexity of Your Storage Each Model L53 library has a standard 16-slot cartridge I/O station for importing or exporting LTO tape cartridges from the library without requiring a re-inventory. https://adsm.org/forum/index.php?threads/error-codes-for-ibm-tape-lib-3584.21723/ COD level additions can also be selected and implemented through license key upgrades with the TS3500 Tape Library Model L53 or L23 frames, helping provide growth flexibility as required.

Otherwise, one or more of the following Fibre Channel cables should be specified on the frame. Ibm 3584 Maintenance Manual Or, you can intermix cartridges and drive types in different frames and have up to 192 tape drives in up to 16 total TS3500 library frames. Close this window and log in. Key = 04 ASC = 44 ASCQ=00 "Internal Target Failure" From: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infoc.../com.ibm.storage.3584.doc/sref_3584_xes4.html hth, Tony TonyB, Jul 26, 2010 #2 dms19 ADSM.ORG Member Joined: Jan 4, 2006 Messages: 476 Likes Received:

Ibm 3584 Library

This optional feature is designed to provide automatic control path failover to a preconfigured redundant control path in the event of a loss of a host adapter or control path drive, The TS1120 Model E05 is designed to automatically perform recalibration in the field if it detects degraded performance. 3584 Tape Library Error Codes The Model L53 base frame has 64 to 287 cartridge slots and support for up to 12 tape drives with an incremental reduction of storage slots for more than four drives Ibm 3584 Error Codes Each aspect of the library subsystem has been optimized to support repeated, dependable unattended tape handling.

Per the Solutions Assurance Product Review (SAPR) Guide, the account team or Business Partner should confirm that the customer checks the appropriate PSP buckets for System z9, zSeries, or S/390 environments The TS3500 Tape Library Model D23 and D53 frames can be attached to Model L23 or L53 frames, or to installed 3584 Model L22, L32, L52, D22, D32, or D52 frames, The TS1120 Model E05 is designed to support capacity scaling of JA tape cartridges to 100 GB. marclant replied Sep 29, 2016 at 3:39 PM Getting ANS1102E when tryng to... Ibm 3584 Tape Library Service Manual

The TS1120 Tape Drive is designed for environments that require reliable, high performance tape support for backup, restore, archive, and data interchange. For the latest details on specific hardware, software, and Fibre Channel support for the 3592, refer to the following website: http://www.ibm.com/servers/storage/tape/3592 The cartridge storage capacity of the Model L23 or L53 BDMcGrew replied Sep 28, 2016 at 12:42 PM Generate Backupset marclant replied Sep 28, 2016 at 12:26 PM Loading... Firmware level 7050: Library code version 7050 adds the following new functions: - Support for LTO Gen4 / TS1040 / 3588-F4A tape drives - Support for Application Managed Encryption for LTO

With the granularity and scalability to follow your requirements from a few servers to hundreds of clients, from gigabytes to terabytes, this powerful pairing can grow with you, helping to protect Ibm Ts3500 Tape Library Error Codes The TS3500 drives and library robotics are TapeAlert-compatible, and are designed to provide tape drive and library error and diagnostic reporting. Each aspect of the subsystem is designed to optimize access to data and reliability.

TS3500 Tape Library Models D23 and L23 The TS3500 Tape Library Models D23 or L23 can contain a maximum of 12 of the TS1120 Tape Drive Model E05 per frame (for

This model has a smaller footprint than the Model L32. Along with enabling higher performance characteristics, the data buffer is designed to use support read ahead of approximately 500 MB of compressed data from tape and provide high performance random skip The attaching Fibre Channel cable must be a 50.0/125 micrometer short wavelength fiber-optic cable for distances up to 500 meters. Ibm Tape Library Error Codes A Solutions Assurance call is required at a minimum for the installation of the first new TS1030 in an account.

iPrefs PresentationWorld Intellectual Property Report 2013Warren Buffett transcript, March 3, 2014SpencerThe Jargon File, Version 4.0.0, 24 Jul 1996 by VariousINTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP 10-K (Annual Reports) 2009-02-24 Circumventing CompetitionNyag v Intel Top This thread has been closed due to inactivity. The following feature number must be ordered every time the number of attached frames is changed (either added or removed) in a TS3500 Tape Library that has a Model HA1: 1840 The 8-16 Frame X-Track Cable feature (#9316) must be specified on Model L23 or L53 if there will be a total of 15 or 16 frames (14 or 15 expansion frames)

This provides a cartridge capacity with Ultrium 3 data cartridges of up to 6,887 cartridges from 26 TB to 2,755 TB of physical capacity (51 TB to 5,510 TB with 2:1 The enhanced frame control assembly comes standard on Models L23 and L53 and can be ordered as an optional feature on Models D23 and D53. Click Here to join Tek-Tips and talk with other members!

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