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If a user has problems validating an account, you can validate users manually by going to Administration -> Users -> Unvalidated. The filter_tags() function is called on any user input as long as the input is obtained through a call to get_input(). Might be worth seeing if there's an upgraded version. Before letting in users, it is best to determine what profile fields you want, what field types they should be, and the order they should appear. this contact form

I just duplicated the installation by reading the tutorial on elgg documentation, but now I get error "500- Internal Server Error" by going to http://www.mydomain.com/upgrade.php.Why? Legal ©2014 the Elgg Foundation Elgg is a registered trademark of Thematic Networks. SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI action\/* no-gzip dont-vary SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI actions\/* no-gzip dont-vary # Configure ETags FileETag MTime Size RewriteEngine on # If Elgg is in a subdirectory Legal ©2014 the Elgg Foundation Elgg is a registered trademark of Thematic Networks.

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HTTPS login turned on accidently Using a test site 500 - Internal Server Error When I upload a photo or change my profile picture I get a white screen CSS is Security¶ Is upgrade.php a security concern?¶ Upgrade.php is a file used to run code and database upgrades. When I upload a photo or change my profile picture I get a white screen¶ Most likely you don't have the PHP GD library installed or configured properly. Can I add extra fields to tables in the database?¶ (AKA: I don't understand the Elgg data model so I'm going to add columns.

I'm running the latest Virtualmin on an Amazon Linux server. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. Nothing in the access or error log. Elgg Themes Warnings and errors are written to a log by the web server and can be useful for debugging problems.

Syntax error¶ Elgg stores its CSS as PHP code to provide flexibility and power. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? You signed out in another tab or window. get redirected here However, we need you to * include your database settings below. * * todo Turn this into something we handle more automatically. */ global $CONFIG; if (!isset($CONFIG)) $CONFIG = new stdClass;

What goes into the log in debug mode?¶ All database queries Database query profiling Page generation time Number of queries per page List of plugin language files Additional errors/warnings compared to You may want to experiment with this mode to understand what it does, but make sure you run Elgg in normal mode on a production server. Then do the upgrade in your test installation to Elgg 1.7.10 (backup everything first!!). Some pages like the default index.php do not call elgg_view() so it is not triggered for them.

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It can break your site. If you experience this on a new installation, make sure that your server is properly configured and your rewrite rules are correct. Elgg Data Directory This can be done by enabling the Developer Tools plugin, then browsing to Administration -> Develop -> Settings. Elgg Tutorial Do a search on the function and it returns the documentation on the function.

Can't I just search and delete it from the elgg_objects_entity table?¶ No, it will corrupt your database. If the white screen is due to a bad plugin, remove the latest plugins that you have installed by deleting their directories and then reload the page. elgg-gitbot commented Feb 16, 2013 trac user cloo wrote on 39038534-03-29 I get like that immediatly after submitting database data in installer. .htaccess is created, settings.php is not. The shutdown, system event is triggered after the page has been sent to the requester and is handled through the PHP function register_shutdown_function(). Elgg Plugins

If not, how is that link being generated? Obviously the file exists (I checked) and the permissions seem suitable.Help!! I'm too shy to ask, but will you say yes? If you're building or modifying a theme, make sure you have disabled the simple and system caches.

Create a new directory: /mod/ plugin name>/languages Create a file in that directory called en.php Add these lines to that file 'Make It's likely that either something is off with Apache configuration or additional thing is required in .htaccess. getting Elgg running on your domain with your previous test installation and or upgrading Elgg at the same time), you should first get Elgg working on your server.

Once you're satisfied with the changes, enable the caches or performance will suffer.

How do I find the code that does x?¶ The best way to find the code that does something that you would like to change is to use grep or It is possible that the emails coming from your server are being marked as spam. Let's say you want to copy the blog plugin in order to run one plugin called blog and another called poetry. Elgg Technical SupportGet support from other Elgg users Group activityGroup blogGroup discussions NavigationHomeCommunityBlogHostingServicesLearnDownload Elgg Contact [email protected] Security issues should be reported to [email protected]!

Regards, Hector toyito, Aug 26, 2009 #3 till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer Thst not possible if you remoced the lines from the .htaccess file. SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI action\/* no-gzip dont-vary SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI actions\/* no-gzip dont-vary # Configure ETags FileETag MTime Size RewriteEngine on # If Elgg is in a subdirectory To find the string use grep or a text editor that provides searching through files to locate the string. (A good text editor for Windows is Notepad++ ) Let's say AboutTermsPrivacyDomain policy About Blog Services Hosting Community Developers Download Log in Username or email Password Remember me RegisterLost password ActivityGroupsShowcasePluginsThemesDiscussionsElgg Blog DiscussionsElgg Technical SupportHTTP 500 - Internal server error after Database

As you find more things that you'd like to change, you can keep adding them to this plugin. Elgg must have read access to the files and read + execute access on the directories. I must have completetly missed that section, what a bonehead I am.However, I now get the System Settings page, which was a welcome surpirse, but it to fails. If you are getting a WSOD when performing an action, like logging in or posting a blog, but there are no error messages, it's most likely caused by non-printable characters in

On a fully upgraded site, running the file will only reset the caches and exit, so this is not a security concern. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Another approach is disabling all non-bundled plugins and then enabling them one by one until the problem occurs again. If you are using Windows, Notepad++ is a good choice.

Should I?¶ Who was it? You will find that it is only used in the en.php file in the /languages directory. Debian & Ubuntu) this is turned on by default. iionly@iionly 0 likesBy iionly 1928 days agoWithout a .htaccess file it won't work.

Create the plugin skeleton¶ Plugin skeleton Locate the string that you want to change¶ All the strings that a user sees should be in the /languages directory or in a More flexibility can be gained through plugins. If it is not, you need to turn it on (or recompile PHP to include it). The database settings match completely the phpmyadmin mysql database.

Mac OS - The error log is probably in /var/log/apache2/error_log If you are using shared hosting without ssh access, your hosting provider may provide a mechanism for obtaining access to your

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