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Error pages should clearly state that something is missing or broken. Look, if you drop ice cream on the floor, clean it up, right?04. ZURBNotable Tour Platform Notebooks Tests Prototypes Stories Code New Updates Buzz Library Sign In ZURBNotable LIBRARY PATTERN TAP BUILDING BLOCKS TRIGGERS QUIPS × Create Notable Account {{error}} Name Email Address Password These come in the form of error pages. this contact form

In this case, it's still possible to use the above products to ask your customers questions when they encounter errors. Is this an error or a 404 page? Visitors pretty much expect to get these error pages. At the end of the day, our goal with this site is to create an in-depth, fully featured resource for error pages. https://ramen.is/blog/better-ways-to-use-404-500-error-pages/

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One moment you're browsing exciting content, the next you're transported into a cyberspace wasteland courtesy of a dead link or mistyped URL. Each error page should clearly communicate the issue and a call to action that helps navigate your wayward visitor back to your homepage. 2. Real-time Server Status Information The biggest opportunity to improve the UX of your error pages is to answer the question "What do I do next?".

IconFinder'serror page is simple, but delightful. When the user changes the background color it should smoothly transition to that instead of being choppy. Thanks for this article goes out to: Dusty Candland Ben Fisher Kevin Owens Kimberley Byer Scot Junkin Join thousands of other Product Creators getting our weekly posts on Product Success ←Older 500 Error Page Template Since error pages mean-surprise!-there’s been an error, they are usually very simple, static pages.

That's actually a clever reference to GOG Galaxy, which is GOG's native video game client. Best Error Pages 500 So we built Better Error Pages. We wanted to make it so easy that people wouldn't think twice when it came to error pages. It's a completely free tool to use, even if you're not a StatusPage.io customer.

That's not very helpful! Funny 500 Error Pages Why We Built Better Error Pages Giving Back We built Better Error Pages for the same reasons we built StatusPage.io: we saw an opportunity to take all of the work out I'm good for now. A 404 error is a standard HTTP error message code that means the website you were trying to reach couldn't be found on the server.It's a client-side error, meaningeither the webpage

Best Error Pages 500

For the full scoop on our Better Error Pages tool and what prompted its creation, check out our blog. http://blog.statuspage.io/level-up-your-400-500-maintenance-pages Click here to download 50 examples of beautiful website design for even more web design inspiration. 500 Error Inspiration Subscribe to the Marketing Blog below. Creative 500 Error Pages There are dozens of different types of errors, but the most common are 404: Not Found and 500: Server Error.

We have pre-canned 40x & 50x questions that you can use, and some extra goodies that help managing responses at scale a breeze: What about single page apps? Blue Fountain Media Wanna play doubles, mate?It's hard to get over the inevitable disappointment of coming up against a 404 page, but Blue Fountain Media has something that might just cheer Legal Stuff Privacy Policy Site Map Startup Journey DevBlog Product Get Updates About New Features And StatusPage.io Annoucements Tweet Buffer Level Up Your 404, 500, And Maintenance Pages Posted by Steve What constitutes a 'page'? 500 Error Examples

Fark.com has a custom error message which, erm, caters to both their admins and users. –Ben Brocka♦ Jan 10 '12 at 23:52 add a comment| 4 Answers 4 active oldest votes Hopefully this makes lost users feel a little less alone. 10) Blizzard Entertainment Here's a simple idea that ends up looking really cool: Blizzard Entertainment's 404 page is a "broken" version more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Learn More December 16, 2015 // 8:00 AM 24 Clever 404 Error Pages From Real Websites Written by Rachel Sprung | @ Share Share Tweet Website uptime -- the amount of

Our plan moving forward is to build new features using React and to one day port everything to be driven off of React. 404 Error Page Template Many color. And the reaction of visitors when they land on your temporarily unavailable website can run the gamut -- from "taking it in stride" to "totally losing their minds." While there's nothing

Don't be too quick to point the finger at your user–you can still turn this situation around and make their foray into your corner of the internet a positive experience!

Who hasn’t clicked on a link in a tweet or email that had a typo? And, sadly, because so few people are doing it. Welcome to Notable! 404 Error Page Examples Dead links and error pages suck, but you can make yours something useful that markets your brand or just bring a smile to your user's face.

Home Star Runner This 404 page features amusing characters, downloads and shouts "404'd" at youAudio can be very effective when combined with visuals on a web page, especially as we're still But no matter how many resources you put into ensuring your website never, ever, ever goes down ... What are the reasons not to also include the main site navigation or a search bar so that the visitor could find another page on the website? Get HubSpot's latest marketing articles straight to your inbox.

The most recent features characters from the cartoon series in a scene that could've come straight out of one of their episodes. The copy pokes fun at the user: "Grats. If the URL does change, related changes to the state of the application are almost instant. And the hand-drawn illustration fits the rest of the site well in terms of style and theme.Next page: 15 more brilliant 404 pages... 1 2 Current page: Page 1 Next Page

Your error page should be simple in design and easy to understand, like this example from Wistia. To address this, we want to provide a set of instructions for how to actually get the error pages working with different of hosting situations like Heroku, Wordpress, and various other Impact IndexInitial Effort LowHighOngoing Effort LowHigh This best practice ranks Low to Medium on Initial Effort: It'll take a bit of developer time, but it's fairly straightforward.

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